Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taking a break!!!

Hey fans,

Since I started a new job in the industry, I will be taking a break from blogging. I'm so busy with all of the fun and exciting things in the world of video game marketing.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

THQ recovery...hopefully

Lets hope that THQ makes it out of bankruptcy. It can be hard for a company to bounce back after entering. Clearlake Capital seems determined to help turn the company around, but you never know. Hopefully, THQ won't loose some of its golden franchises to other houses in the process, just to clear up debts and cut costs.

Nice summary of the industry for 2013

This article is really long, but it gives a lot of good insight into where things may be going for hardware, software, development and platforms in 2013.

NRA makes another stupid comment

Yes, I know that this story is old, but it is one that has to be mentioned. The NRA is always looking for an excuse to make people believe that they are not to blame for the insane gun laws and availability of weapons in the US. Yes, its video games, according to them. I wish that the President and some of the families of the victims could go on a campaign to limit assault rifles and put in stricter gun purchasing laws and get rid of some guns all together. How many more people have to die?

People have tried to blame video games for many social ills of American society for years. Now I know that the US isn't the only country that plays video games, so why don't we have mass shootings in Japan, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Middle east? Oh yeah, that's right, you can't buy guns in those countries. The most that the video game industry can be responsible for is Chinese or Korean gamers passing out in internet cafes from playing Warcraft non stop for days on end.

Round up of 2013 hopes

This is a nice little collection of some of the biggest analysts and strategists that following the gaming industry. They each have a rank of what they feel will be the biggest things in gaming for 2013.

Personally, I have my own thoughts (in no particular order):
1. Mobile gaming will get bigger and better
2. PC gaming will shrink
3. Apps will be incorporated and used much more on TVs and handheld gaming devices
4. Some game companies will be acquired
5. Social gaming will start to lose its popularity

Zynga shutting down other game titles

Looks like the pressure is not only on the corporate and executive level. Zynga is closing down Petville and other poorly performing games. Seems like Kixeye and Gree are making a dent into their empire. Or simply that people just don't play those games anymore. The complete list of games being cut are some of the low hanging fruit, which to me, Zynga only created compete with other "better" versions from competition.

Zynga shrinking

Well, with people slowly getting tired of social gaming on Facebook, and Zynga not really trying to expand beyond its repetitive gameplay model, reality is finally catching up to the social gaming giant. 2012 was not a good year for Zynga, with executives leaving, studios closing and their stock price tanking. This recent announcement of a major international office closing could be the start of something for Zynga.

VG Chartz shows Mario's dominance

VGChartz has a great chart that showcases how much of a powerhouse the Mario brands have been over the past 30 years. Super Mario Bros on the NES has sold a staggering 40M units. Wow!!! It goes to show you how well Nintendo has extended that brand into many other solid Mario brands. Good job Nintendo.

Check out the rest on the link below.

Sony fans looking for a super 2013

I will agree with the article. Sony didn't so very well in 2012. But it was due to a combination of things, poor promotions for its mobile and handheld gaming system, a tsunami in the Pacific, and a very weak global economy. Plus with the new consoles on their way out in the next 1-2 years, many studios were probably focusing on making next gen games.

I for one, am looking forward to 2013. The current gen systems still have some life in them and the xbox and PS3 will go out with a bang. But, both of these systems will be around for at least another 1-2 years after the new systems launch.

PS2 to finally end its run

I think that this is a good move by Sony. The system has been around since 2000 and has sold extremely well. With PS4 on the horizon, its time to retire this system. Now the efforts can be pushed more into the last year of PS3 and into the Vita and Mobile platforms.

I remember when I bought my PS2 all those years ago. I had that, an N64 and a Dreamcast all at the same time. Those were the good times in video game history. I pretty much bought my PS2 to play Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry games. Oh yeah, I forgot about Syphon Filter and Crash Bandicoot too.

With more than 150M total units sold over its life, this device helped solidify Sony's place as a legitimate video game company.